Introducing LizardOS: The Ultimate Software Solution for Crypto Security

**Update** December 31, 2023. Lenovo have removed Linux S3 Sleep support from their latest models. (details).

This means that Lenovo laptops are not guaranteed to have any suspend/sleep function with LizardOS or Linux.
We are therefore discontinuing LizardOS. Customers who bought laptops before this change are unaffected and can continue to use sleep/suspend mode with LizardOS.

Customers can also continue to access the digital download, online documentation, and technical support forums; but new sales have been disabled. We may re-launch in the future with another laptop vendor.

Organizations, developers, power users, and those who wish to run LizardOS on desktop hardware (or another brand of laptop) can contact us for sales.

Why Choose LizardOS?

Attack vectors on your crypto assets can be as simple as opening an email attachment or website that infects your computer with malware. This malware can record your keystrokes or even take control of your computer. This means it can modify your crypto transactions, even if you are using a hardware wallet. Just ask Hugh Karp, a DeFi founder who lost ~$8 million in this type of attack.

For owners of digital assets, antivirus and firewall programs are simply not enough. Malware creators change their code and avoid detection from antivirus software. By the time programs are updated to account for new threats, the damage is already done.

LizardOS protects you by dividing your digital activities into virtual machine contexts that are separately secure.

If one context gets attacked, the others stay protected. A single bad event can’t destroy everything.

Imagine having multiple computers on your desk for different tasks, but with the comfort of one physical machine, one simple desktop view, and tools that let you use the virtual computers together securely as a single system.

Sensitive documents and passwords can be kept in an airgapped virtual computer, firewalled from the internet. You can even run Windows OS in a sandbox, safely discarding the virtual machine once you’re done without affecting your other digital activities.

LizardOS is built on top of the Qubes OS project, the Xen virtualization hypervisor, and the Debian and Fedora versions of GNU/Linux.

LizardOS comes pre-installed with all the security contexts you need. All you have to do is load the software, click a few buttons and let the installer run. You can get all the benefits of security expertise without having to learn everything yourself from the ground up.

Privacy is an integral part of crypto security. LizardOS allows you to maintain your privacy without leakage by separating your activities using preconfigured virtual desktops so you never mix your personal and anonymous identities. Unlike hardware units, we don’t even need your shipping address — LizardOS is buyable with Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.

A SHA256 hash ensures you receive a genuine, tamper-free copy of the software, the same as every other user.

Best of all, LizardOS has completely transparent code. The code is open for inspection by anyone, including security experts. Review the code and verify its integrity.

If you’re a security conscious individual who wants to keep your crypto assets safe without learning about complicated cybersecurity practices and having to deal with long, complicated setup procedures, LizardOS is for you.

Supported Hardware

LizardOS is made for the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (9th or 10th gen). When choosing specs, please get a minimum of 32GB RAM, at least 512GB of PCIe Gen4 storage and, for best performance, a WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display.

Installation will require a blank 16GB USB flash drive. The laptop and USB must be purchased separately.

Don’t worry – once you buy LizardOS you will receive a detailed set of step-by-step instructions. The installation process is almost fully automated and takes around 2 hours (unattended) to complete.

For Developers

If you’re interested in reading the code for yourself before installing, you can use this technical guide to audit the software after purchase. The guide explains our customizations and how to verify the integrity of the software imported from other projects like Qubes and Fedora Linux. You will need to be able to read Python, Bash shell scripting, and Salt configurations to understand how LizardOS has been built.

Here’s an independent review from a smart contract developer currently using LizardOS.


These limitations are minor, but since the product is non-refundable we want to inform you in advance.

Software compatibility: Compatible software includes Fedora Linux, Debian Linux, and optionally Microsoft Windows Server 2019 if chosen by the user. This software will be auto-installed by LizardOS.

Keyboard: Supports standard english QWERTY keyboard.

Mouse: A driver issue unrelated to LizardOS can cause the trackpad mouse to pause upon waking from sleep. If this occurs all you have to do is close the lid of the laptop and then reopen to wake the laptop and it works again. And if you use an external mouse like we do, it’s a non-issue.

VPN: A demo VPN is provided and autoconfigured. It is recommended you set up your own VPN or use TOR (included) for your own convenience. Instructions inside.

Gaming: LizardOS is a security software for crypto users. This requires disabling hardware accelerated apps (primarily gaming). Kraken’s CryptoWatch is also not supported.

Kernel updates: We have frozen kernel updates as newer kernels introduce issues with resuming the laptop from sleep. Kernels other than the versions shipped with the installer are not supported, although it is likely that the issues are eventually fixed upstream (by the Linux kernel maintainers or the Fedora/Debian maintainers).

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges, or returns on any digital software downloads once the purchase has been completed. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions.